Hockey is a sport that has produced many legends and stars on the world stage. Here are some of the famous world stars of hockey:

  1. Wayne Gretzky: Considered one of the best hockey players of all time. He set many records including the most goals scored and the most points scored in a career. Gretzky was an icon of Canadian hockey and played for the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and New York Rangers.
  2. Mario Lemieux: A talented forward and captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Lemieux was one of the most dominant players in the 1990s. He won numerous awards and titles, including multiple NHL MVPs and the Hart Trophy award.
  3. Bobby Orr: A defenceman considered one of the greatest in hockey history. Orr played for the Boston Bruins and won two Stanley Caps along with multiple NHL MVP awards and titles.
  4. Gordie Howe: A Detroit Red Wings legend, Howe was one of the first dominant players in hockey history. He won four Stanley Caps and 6 Hart Trophy awards as NHL MVP.
  5. Bobby Hull: Famous forward for the Chicago Black Hawks and later the Chicago Blackhawks and Winnipeg Jets. He was known for his incredible shots and strength at point guard.
  6. Sidney Crosby: One of hockey’s modern stars, Crosby captained the Pittsburgh Penguins and quickly gained recognition for his skills and leadership qualities. He has won several Stanley Caps and Hart Trophy prizes.
  7. Alexander Ovechkin: The Russian forward, captain of the Washington Capitals, is known for his strength and shot-making skills. He has been named the season’s top scorer multiple times and won the Stanley Cap with the Capitals in 2018.
  8. Martin Brodeur: Legendary goaltender for the New Jersey Devils and other teams. He holds the record for the most saves made and won multiple Stanley Caps with the Devils.
  9. Patrick Rua: Goaltender who played with the Colorado Avalanche and later with the Vancouver Canucks and Montreal Canadiens. Rua won multiple Stanley Caps and was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  10. Jaromir Jagr: Czech forward, one of the oldest and continuing hockey players in the NHL. He holds many records and prizes in his career.

These are just a few famous hockey stars, and many other hockey players have also left their mark in the history of this great sport.